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Schweigend steht der Wald
(Premiered at Berlinale 2022)

Feature Film

Director: Saralisa Volm

Camera: Roland Stuprich

Production company: Poison Berlin, IF... Productions

Year: 2022
Length: ca. 90min

Language: German

Heiko's Welt
(Premiered at Filmfest Munich 2021)

Feature Film

Director: Dominik Galizia

Produced by: Thomas Otto

Camera: Elias C.J. Köhler


Year: 2022
Length: 110min

Language: German

Serenade für Fanny

Documentary Feature

Director: Monique Marmodée

Produced by: Frauke Kolbmüller
Production company: Oma Inge 

Camera: Monika Plura


Year: 2017
Length: 83min

Language: German (English subtitles)

Figaros Wölfe


Director, Screenplay and produced by: Dominik Galizia
Associate production company: Mutter&Vater Filmproductions GmbH Camera: Greg Blakey
Composer: Bethany Barrett
Sounddesign: Jacopo Vannini


Year: 2016
Length: 80min

Language: German (English subtitles)

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